Applications to install on your computer and recommend to everyone

Applications to install on your computer and recommend to everyone


Clover: allows tabs in your file explorer. (like the tabs in Chrome, but in file explorer instead)

7zip: Basically WinZip, but better in almost every regard. And it’s still free!

Everything: Instant computer searching. Much better than the default Windows search.

Listary: Alternative to Everything for file searching. Very powerful and free.

Ninite: Website that allows you to add/update most of these programs to a fresh PC. Obviously not a program, but very useful given this thread’s content.


UBlock Origin: Available in your browser’s extension store. Free, of course. It’s pretty much AdBlock but does a whole lot more. Make sure you get Origin, though.

RES: Reddit Enhancement Suite. If you’re using Reddit without this, you’re really missing out. It adds a lot of features and it’ll ruin vanilla Reddit for you.


Bitdefender: Helps you to not get viruses.

Malwarebytes: Helps you to get rid of the viruses that BD missed. There is a paid version, but the free ver is pretty good.

Hitman Pro: An antivirus software with a whole host of awesome features and a 30-day free trial. The three-year license only costs $50US and it’s a product from SOPHOS, so you know it’s good .


Musicbee: Like iTunes, but you know, better. Because it’s not iTunes.

VLC: Free media player, works pretty well. Some people like it, others don’t.

Media Player Classic — Home Cinema: For those who don’t like VLC. I run it with the K-lite codec pack and it is amazing.

Foobar2000: Free audio player for Windows, supports a wide range of audio formats and has a lot of cool features.~~~~

Audacity: Audio recording software, I used it for a little bit and there are so much cool things you can do with it! Definitely, recommend it. Also, it’s free!

Exact Audio Copy: Transfer files from your CDs to your PC in almost every format. Comes with some pretty niftyfeatures too!


Steam: Largest online video game retailer. Desktop app allows you to organise your library of games and play them at any time. But you already knew that.

Origin: Like Steam, but for Satan EA.

GOG Galaxy: Again, similar to Steam. Owned by (formerly Good Old Games), GOG-G is a store that is was almost entirely dedicated to the old games. They still have classes like HoMM 3, Neverwinter Nights, etc; they also have newer games like Divinity: photoshopOS Enhanced and TW3. Their big selling point is DRM-free games. Owned by CDPR (the guys behind the Witcher series) which kinda explains their cool attitude to DRM.

Teamspeak 3: Voice Over IP program that allows you to set up a server (most people pay a company to host for them) for people to connect to and chat on. Used by online gamers around the world.

Discord: Similar to TS3, but has a browser and phone app and is entirely free to use.

Mumble: Another VoIP program like TS3 with purchasable servers. Haven’t used it but have heard good things about it.


Gimp: Free photoshop (Not as powPhotoshop, but still very useful)

Paint.NET: More powerful version of MSPaint

Inscape: Free vector-based graphic design software. I haven’t used it, but I have heard a lot of good things about it!

Blender: Free, open source 3D modelling software. It’s got a lot of cool features and is fairly easy to use!


Lastpass: Stores and designs passwords. Has a Subscription based premium mode

1Password: Similar to Lastpass, does require a $65US initial payment though

KeePass: Similar to the above two, but free!

Auto-hotkey: Scripting engine for your computer. Sorta. You can make scripts that run on certain keys (eg, setting up media controls (play/pause/FF/RWD/etc) to certain keys/key combinations). Free, and fairly powerful.

Rainmeter: Pretty cool desktop tool that lets you set up widgets (like the ones from Vista/win7) to do all sorts of things. A bit hard to get into (I tried it a few years ago and it was a bit complicated), but it’s a definite 10/10 app. Check out/r/rainmeter for tips.

Text Editors

Notepad++: Open source text editor (think notepad, but better) that has a ton of features. Not only can you have multiple tabs open with different files in each tab, but you can save your text files in almost any text-based format. There’s syntax highlighting, which makes coding infinitely easier and of course, there are plugins that add new features and functionality.

Atom: a Similar program to NPP with more features and customisation.

Sublime Text 3: Another text editor like NPP/Atom with a lot of robust features.


F.Lux: Changes the brightness (well, more of the “blueness”) of your screen depending on the time of day. Very useful!

Telegram Messenger: messaging similar to WhatsApp, but with a standalone web client and a bunch of cool features.

Unchecky: Software to automatically uncheck unrelated offers in installations (you know, those “I want to use Bing” offers).

Greenshot: Free, open source screenshot software. Several built-in ways to edit the picture and multiple options for file exporting.

ShareX: Free software similar to Greenshot, but with so much more. Just look at that feature list!

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